LDC22 Call

An invitation to play: Lace Design Challenge, February 2022

I admit, I am enthusiastic about challenges. I find it very exciting to face a challenge together with others. There is always something to learn, to look beyond one's own nose and then you also meet people who share your passion for a topic. What more could you want?

Since I have already benefited so often in so different ways from others who have organized such a challenge with a lot of effort, I thought now it is my turn to organize such an opportunity. So, let's have fun!

Why a lace design challenge?

We admire all the beautiful lace designs and believe we are not capable of any such designs. Only some special people with outstanding skills can do that. But we overlook the fact that even these people once started as beginners. They played with lace and learned as they went. The more they played and experimented, the more they learned and the better they became. What we admire are the results of a long journey of learning and playing. Not all of us want to go a long way right away, but maybe you'd like to take a peek and experiment and play with lace designs. Because that's what this challenge is about, which actually shouldn't be called a challenge but simply an invitation to play. So, I cordially invite you to experience:

  • the joy of design,
  • the courage of imperfection and
  • the contemplation of lace making.

How does it work?

From February 1, a design prompt will be published daily for three weeks, serving as inspiration for playful design and experimentation. In the last week, the focus will be on implementing one of your own design ideas. In addition, there will be a daily impulse for enjoyable and contemplative lace-making.The impulses will be published via this webpage and via Instagram. The results of the own design play can be shared via Instagram or - for members of The Adventurous Lacemakers via the TAL Forum. For those interested, I have summarized the guidelines here.

What will be the focus?

Main focus will be to experiment and to try out different kind of design methods and techniques. You will not need any specific drawing skills. If you are able to draw a line, a point or circles, triangles and rectangles you have all what you need. If you don't believe me, just have a look at The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

For the challenge I would recommend the following tools:

  • Anything you can draw on: old newspapers, paper bags, cardboard boxes, magazines, discarded books, coasters will do for a sketch. Ok, regular paper works too. Dare to just use whatever you can get your hands on.
  • Anything you can draw with: pencils, pens, ink, crayons, chalks, watercolors, or whatever you prefer to draw with. Use what you have! You can also draw with coffee or tea and your fingers.
  • Glue stick. We will fold, crumple, scratch, tear, reassembel and unfold, paint over, draw over and overwrite. In other words: giving expression to the moment.
  • Your lace making tools for the last week of the challenge.