LDC22 Prompts

Just a few words before you get started

One goal of this challenge is to give you the opportunity to try out a different design technique every day. However, I wanted to give you all the freedom to go your own way. For this reason, I have not always named the prompts after the design technique but chose a word that can be associated with it with a little good will. This way,

  • you can either just take the prompt as an impulse for your design,
  • experiment with the design technique,
  • use the design technique and mercilessly break the rules, or
  • go your own way. Ok, this always works, of course!

The design techiques for the respective prompts you will find on blog.lacebutwhy.de. Please remember, last week's prompts do not refer to a design technique, but to the art of contemplative lace making. Of course, you can also create a design for these prompts or develop your own design technique. That's what it's all about, the courage to go your own design way.

Enough words. Let's go!

I wish you a lot of fun and joy in designing, experimenting and lace making.