About lace and my lace life

Before I could even stumble upon bobbin lace, a lot had to happen beforehand. We first had to come down from the trees, learn the skill of making fire, and discover the concept of clothing.

After that, we developed a variety of techniques to make threads and yarns from natural materials, and then from them fabrics and textiles. Weaving and needle binding, are examples of such techniques, which were the first to emerge. The technique of needlepoint and bobbin lace came long after. Lace simply does not keep as warm.

Then another long time passed until I was born and a somewhat shorter time until I heard the clacking of the bobbins for the first time. Then another few years passed again until I stumbled across a bobbin lace stand at a Christmas market. Out of nowhere, this memory of the clacking of bobbins appeared in my mind and my interest was piqued. I decided to look for a bobbin lace workshop. I was lucky and got one of the frew free places right at the beginning of 2009. Contrary to my original expectation, I have stuck with bobbin lace ever since. At first only as an occasional hobby and since 2018 with some seriousness.

In case the way the timeline is displayed looks somehow familiar to you. Yeah, it's not my doing, unfortunately.. It's a heavily adapted version first published by waitbutwhy.com and later animated in collaboration with kurzgesagt - in a nutshell. It's worth taking a look at their stuff. And if you now think that lacebutwhy was named after waitbutwhy, you're a bit right, but not quite.

For me lactbutwhy expresses my difficulties with lace. Lace still has a very dusty image. Most people think of the word as grandmother's lace doilies or decorations on old costumes and priests' robes. Hardly anyone understands lace as art or even as a cool hobby. That was true for me, too. Skydiving, climbing or martial arts - they sound cool and I would have much rather told them. With lace, I always have to argue first that I don't do doilies. So it took quite a while before I could stand by my dusty hobby, which of course now has a completely different meaning for me. I'm fascinated by the fact that two simple movements - twist and cross - create this infinite variety with ever new combinations.Well, and through waitbutwhy I've learned that you can certainly attach a butwhy to a name. Thanks again for someone blowing up my head prison!


Since 2021
Co-founder of Lace Artists 5.0
Member of The Adventurous Lacemakers (TAL) Masterclass

Since 2012
GEUK - Lace Design Series by Barbara Corbet

2009 - 2013
Torchon, Cluny and Flanders lace by Margret Hund
Milanese Lace by Martina Wolter-Kampmann
Binche by Anny Noben-Slegers